6th Grade

The sixth grade SEEd standards provide a framework for student understanding of the cycling of matter and the flow of energy through the study of observable phenomena on Earth. Students will explore the role of energy and gravity in the solar system as they compare the scale and properties of objects in the solar system and model the Sun-Earth-Moon system. These strands also emphasize heat energy as it affects some properties of matter, including states of matter and density. The relationship between heat energy and matter is observable in many phenomena on Earth, such as seasons, the water cycle, weather, and climates. Types of ecosystems on Earth are dependent upon the interaction of organisms with each other and with the physical environment. By researching interactions between the living and nonliving components of ecosystems, students will understand how the flow of energy and cycling of matter affects stability and change within their environment.

A CANVAS class template for all the storylines can be imported from the commons in CANVAS.  

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