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3rd Grade

The third-grade SEEd standards provide a framework for students to analyze and interpret data to reveal patterns that indicate typical weather conditions expected during a particular season. Students develop and use models to describe changes that organisms go through during their life cycle. Students plan and carry out investigations that provide evidence of the effects of balanced and unbalanced forces on the motion of an object. Additionally, students design solutions to problems that exist in these areas.

The Utah SEEd Standards is a research-grounded document aimed at providing accurate and appropriate guidance for educators and stakeholders. But above all else, the goal of this document is to provide students with the education they deserve, honoring their abilities, their potential, and their right to utilize scientific thought and skills for themselves and the world that they will build.

3rd Grade Writing Team

Annette Nielson

Lead Writer

Davis School District

Liz Wiser

Davis School District

Lisa Bodily

Davis School District

Emily Wride

Davis School District

Sarah Hunt

Davis School District

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