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Utah Science Curriculum Consortium


By Teachers for Teachers

The purpose of this consortium is to be an ongoing force towards creating curriculum resources, student resources, professional developments, and standards that reflect our vision for science education in Utah.  We believe it is our obligation to pursue what is best for students in a 21st century education system.  Through our teacher collaborative teams we will develop, maintain, and adjust curriculum based on student learning data.  This will allow for a dynamic set of resources for our teachers in the K-12 system.    We will house and maintain the curriculum but will adjust and change it continually based on site based teacher PLCs and science leadership input.  

We run through a process to review and publish materials for you.  

  1. Science Leadership, researchers, or Teachers submit resources such as storylines, episodes, handouts, LMS structures, and assessments.

  2. Resources are reviewed and vetted for alignment to 3D science.

  3. Storylines are created and published. 

  4. Curriculum is used by teachers with students.

  5. Feedback from assessments and teacher reflection is submitted based on student outcomes.

  6. Curriculum is adapted based on teacher feedback - continually.

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