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The K‐2 Science Core supports literacy and numeracy learning for all students. The Guidance section contains suggested strategies
that are connected to language arts and mathematical topics. These connections assist teachers with activities of reading, writing,
speaking, presenting, calculating, graphing, and measuring in their science teaching. Teachers may integrate these activities into
literacy or mathematics instructional blocks, facilitating not only the teaching of science in a full instructional schedule, but also
increasing the literacy learning of many students by including non‐fiction reading and writing in the literacy block. Science concepts
can be taught in tandem with literacy skills through reading, speaking, and writing while students are involved in the scientific
process. Mathematical understanding can also be enhanced by highlighting the application of mathematical concepts in scientific
settings, such as using measurement concepts to weigh rocks or measure plants to investigate change over time.

Kindergarten Writing Team

Valerie Boyles

Davis School District

Tammy Tueller

Davis School District

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